Whats the specification of the 4-pin I2C expansion interface connector?

  • The 4-pin expansion interface of Xtron Pro is molex 1.5mm pitch connector.


Whats the intended age range?

  • We recommend age 8+, the younger ones can use visual programming, and the older ones can use Javascript or Python programming.


Which emulators can Xtron Pro Run?

  • Xtron Pro currently can only run the NES emulator, We are working on its new features, including running more simulators, micropython and tensorflow, etc.


What can be plugged into the servo controller module?

  • The servo controller has 4 standard 3-pin servo pinouts (ground, 5V, signal), which can be connected to the servo motor with a standard 3 pin power and control cable.


What kind of Operating Systems are compatible with the Xtron Pro?

  • After Xtron Pro is connected to the computer, it will be mounted as a U disk, no driver is needed, and the software platform is based on browser, so it has good compatibility with the computer, it can run on Windows 7 or above, Mac OS, and Chromebook.